You'll have to go to the church at lumbridge and ask the priest


    You'll have to go to the church at lumbridge and OSRS Gold ask the priest where father uhrney is, and he'll tell you he went lost. However, he'll also tell you that the ghost next door was there. Equipping your amulet of ghost speak, go to the ghost and ask him if he's seen daddy uhrney.

    He will say two"bony-looking" guys went to father uhney's home. A cut-scene will then occur, where you see two skeletons enter the home and attack daddy uhrney until he has 1 hp left. They will carry out him in a tote. The cutscene will finish and you will ask the ghost"did you see where they took him" the phantom will state they went off towards Port Sarim.go to father uhrney's home again and pick up the 60gp on the dining table or only use your own, and then go to port sarim.

    Rescuing Father Uhrney: Take a ship to Karamja and talk to the customs officer standing there. He'll inform you that two funny looking men came with a sack that almost appeared to be moving. Further question him and he'll reveal that they moved into the banana-tree grove. Speak to the banana guy in his hut and he'll inform you that all the bananas are dying from an illness caused by over-heated roots. He'll give you a scoop and 2k coins to learn what the cause is. Follow"interesting tracks" in the sand and you will reach a hole in the floor.Looks like a Bronze Dragon, but more Earth-like. It mainly uses Earth Blast on you, so be sure you've got P.F.M on. Once defeated, it constantly drops Earth Runes, which range from 90-350. It has the same amount of HP as a Greater Demon (didn't see that coming, did you?) . For Magic, it is weak against Water spells and resistant to Fire charms. For Melee, it is weak against Block and resistant to Chop. For Ranged, it is weak against Longrange and immune to Quick.

    Looks like a Pyrefiend, only Dragon version. It mainly utilizes Fire Blast on you, so bring an Anti-Fire shield. It has the same HP as Agrith-Naar from Buy RS Gold Shadow of the Storm. For Magic, can it be weak against Water spells nd resistant to Wind spells.